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Taking the plunge with dental implants to help restore your smile and quality of life is an investment worth making. However, if you’ve completed dental implant treatment and have swelling, pain or infection around your implants, you need quality care from an expert like Dr. Wolf here in Mission Viejo, CA. While dental implants are considered the optimal solution for tooth replacement, it’s possible to still experience failing dental implants. With dental implants requiring only three parts to build your perfect smile, one of the biggest contributors to dental implant failure is under-engineering. If you are noticing signs of failing dental implants, don’t wait to get treatment. Failed angle placement may be a result of an inexperienced dentist or because the surgery was performed free-handed rather than guided. Our guided surgeries create accurate, predictable results the first time, which allows more room for long-lasting smiles. Let Dr. Wolf replace your flawed dental implant and get you back to living life with a healthy, beautiful smile!
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Causes of Dental Implant Complications

Common Reasons for Dental Implant Failures

A failed dental implant could be the cause of a few unique issues - a bite not being properly adjusted, improper placement, or the most common, peri-implantitis. However, more likely than not, it’s due to the bite not being properly adjusted and balanced prior to dental implant placement. When this happens, some areas of the mouth absorb more pressure than they should, causing the dental implant to break down, eventually failing. Dr. Wolf can help treat the following issues of a dental implant:

Improper Placement

When a dental implant is placed improperly in the mouth, it can cause several oral health issues. It’s possible for the dental implant to be placed too shallow, too deep, or at an incorrect angle. When this happens, the jawbone won’t be able to support the dental implant as it should to have the full functionality it should, causing pain and discomfort.


Improper Hygiene

Just like with real teeth, dental implants need to be properly cared for. Without proper hygiene of flossing, brushing and regular dental visits, your dental implants can begin to break down and eventually fail.



Peri-implantitis is the leading cause of dental implant failure. Peri-implantitis is an infectious disease that causes inflammation of the gum and bone surrounding an implant. This can lead to disease and bone loss which will directly affect the durability and longevity of the implant. Dr. Wolf has perfected a solution to restore your dental implants and bring your smile back to life! Traditionally, the first step in treating peri-implantitis is a combination of non-surgical treatment, such as mechanical debridement and disinfection. If symptoms persist and potentially worsen, even with non-surgical treatment, antibiotics may be delivered to help with inflammation if any. Once inflammation is under control, Dr. Wolf may perform surgery for bone grafting or full dental implant replacement.

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Dental Solutions from Our Experienced Dentist

Dental implants have a success rate of 98 percent, so the need for a dental implant replacement is rare. However, if our patients need a dental implant repair, there are two techniques for removing a failing dental implant from your bone – cut a small portion of bone around the implant edge so it can easily be removed or to “reverse torque” the implant out of the bone. Either solution will have a goal of preserving as much of your natural bone as possible for lasting implant success in the future. With proper placement from our experienced and knowledgeable doctor, Dr. Wolf, and good hygiene, we expect your dental implants to last for decades to come, leaving you to enjoy a healthy, radiant smile that lasts a lifetime!

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