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We Make Dental Care Affordable.

While dental care is an excellent investment in an individual’s medical and psychological well-being, we also know that the cost of dental care can be a determining factor when it comes to receiving those dental treatments. Here at Genesis Dental Group, we believe that financial consideration should not be an obstacle when obtaining the dental care and smile you deserve. Since each of our patients’ financial situations is different, we offer a variety of convenient and competitive third-party financing to ensure your customized dental treatment comes with a customized price to fit your budget. Our financial coordinator works closely with you to help you find the best dental financing option for you that won’t break the bank. We accept cash, checks, credit cards or third-party financing.
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Our Third-Party Financing Options



As a health care credit card that helps make dental treatments more affordable, CareCredit is a popular option for our patients. With the CareCredit card, patients are eligible for short term payments that are interest free. For lengthier treatments that may be more costly, CareCredit offers affordable fixed monthly payments with low interest rates to fit your budget. Visit or call 1 (800) 677 - 0718 for more information.


Proceed Finance

Proceed Finance offers our patients with flexible financing up to $70,000 with competitive, low interest rates. With longer repayment terms, patients can receive the dental care they deserve. Proceed Finance offers these options to patients with low credit scores as well to ensure every patient can maintain good oral health. Visit or call 1 (844) 272 - 7587 for more information.



Recognized by more than three million members, Inc. magazine and The New York Times for their simple payment process to assist in dental payments and medical treatments. You can apply from your phone within minutes. Lending Club even allows patients to send cash directly to your account for a lower APR. Visit or call 1 (888) 596 - 3157 for more information.

A Healthy Smile Within Your Budget.

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