Laser Assisted Dentistry

From the moment you walk in the office, we’re assessing. We watch you walk, listen to your speech, evaluate your dexterity. When we take your blood pressure, we’re looking for patterns, determining if you’re healthy enough for this appointment or if you need a referral to your primary care doctor. As we review your medical history, we’re quickly ticking through a list in our heads of potential interactions or indications of disease. We perform a head and neck cancer screening that started the moment you entered our operatory. We’re looking for lumps, bumps, and inconsistencies that could be signs of a current or future issue. All this is happening before you ever open wide.

Technology continues to change our lives every day. Increasingly, our dentists and hygienist have chosen to use cutting-edge tools including dental lasers to take care of your oral health.  Depending on the type of treatment, the laser can successfully treat many common dental conditions in a gentle, minimally invasive way. At Genesis Dental Group, lasers are used in many facets of our practice. We use lasers to treat hygiene, periodontal therapy, surgery, assist with fillings, soft tissue treatments and also teeth whitening.

With the addition of the minimally invasive BIOLASE lasers into the non-surgical perio regimen, our dental hygienist can offer the benefits of non-surgical laser therapy to our patients while providing state-of-the-art care. The Epic Hygiene diode lasers are an adjunct to traditional scaling and root planning and can reduce post-treatment bleeding.

Laser Focused Hygiene 

Bacterial Reduction – This procedure is painless and is added to the periodontal maintenance or prophylaxis appointment. It takes 5-10 minutes at the end of the appointment and no anesthesia is necessary. This will reduce the periodontal bacteria in the diseased gums, reduce or eliminate bacteremia, stimulate new cell growth and healing of the tissue

Laser Periodontal Therapy – In this procedure, we first use specially designed scalers and devices to remove plaque, bacteria and calculus deposits on the root surfaces. After the tooth and root surfaces are cleaned out and smoothed the Diode Laser is then used to selectively remove the diseased and infected lining within the pocket. The laser will also significantly reduce bacteria, promote healing of the tissue and help regenerate new healthy tissue. Due to the lasers ability to seal off nerve endings and blood vessels there is much less discomfort and post-operative pain than with conventional methods

Oral Ulcerations - The Epic laser energy kills the surface viral or microbial etiology, inactivating the lesion. The active process has stopped and the lesion retracts and heals. The severity, frequency and reoccurrence of the lesion is significantly reduced. Normal healing stages (10-14 days will occur, but at a more accelerated rate, 3-5 days). In most cases, anesthesia is not required, but if a patient begins o feel the energy output, then a topical anesthetic is applied.

Waterlase Laser Assisted Surgery 

As a dentist, providing state of the art dental procedures such as “smile design” is a top priority, and Waterlase excels as a clinical instrument for reshaping and redesigning the smiles. Soft tissue surgery made simple. The Biolase Waterlase system enables quick cuts, sculpting and modifying soft tissue to achieve hemostasis results. The differences between a laser and a scalpel when used for oral surgical procedures is stark. While scalpels have a long list of physiological and psychological effects on the patient, Biolase lasers enable you to quickly cut, sculpt or modify soft tissue when needed. During many procedures, managing the soft tissue can be problematic if it begins to respond unpredictably, with Biolase lasers, achieving hemostasis and controlling the surgical zone are as easy as tapping a pre-set on the laser’s touch screen.

Waterlase Laser Assisted Fillings 

Waterlase system is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools. Using laser energy and water spray, The Waterlase is a dental laser that enables the dentist to use minimal, and in some cases, even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures. The Waterlase removes very precise amounts of tooth, without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth. And because it is so precise, you will rarely need anesthetic.

Epic Pain Therapy 




The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) connects the lower jaw to the bones of the skull. A condition known as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) can cause pain and stiffness in 5-12% of people in the U.S.. When subjected to trauma, such as an injury to the neck or head, or aggravated by clenching or grinding teeth, TMJ disorder arises. The Epic works as a therapeutic device that helps to temporarily increase your blood circulation as well as to temporarily relax your muscles without any medications. The Epic is then able to temporarily relieve joint pain and stiffness. Treatment takes approximately 5-10 minutes for each area, so it’s fast and convenient for people with busy schedules

Waterlase Peri-Implantitis Treatment

Laser Assisted Teeth Whitening

Perhaps the most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure. Teeth are often stained from smoking, food, drink (coffee, tea or red wine) or poor oral hygiene. Bleaching the teeth can enhance the appearance of your smile. With a variety of retail and take-home products available, none can achieve the results and immediate impact of in-office whitening. At Genesis Dental Group we utilize an advanced whitening process utilizing lasers. Research has shown that Epic lasers are capable of delivering 6-12 shades (varies by patient) with less than 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time. The laser energy from an Epic laser interacts with chromophores in the proprietary laser-activated gel to accelerate the in-office whitening procedure.






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