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Clear Correct Mission Viejo - Clear Braces - Mission Viejo Clear Aligner Braces


ClearCorrect invisible aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces.  At our Mission Viejo dental practice we offer orthodontic treatment including the ClearCorrect option.  Without having to deal with glue, brackets, and the appearance of traditional braces, ClearCorrect is an ideal option for older patients seeking orthodontic treatment.  These aligners are clear plastic trays, similar to those used for teeth whitening.  The trays progressively move teeth until you achieve the straight smile you’ve always wanted.  With braces that are nearly invisible, you can rest assured knowing that your teeth are being aligned and no one can tell!

For special events or certain circumstances such as eating and flossing, the aligning trays can be removed.  Remember that removing trays takes times away from them working on straightening teeth.  Be sure to discuss with you doctor at Genesis Dental Group the optimum amount of time to wear your Clear Correct trays daily.    

The steps in treatment involve impressions, photos, and x-rays being taken of your teeth.  The doctors at Genesis Dental Group will then send these to ClearCorrect with precise details of your treatment plan to adjust your teeth.  The aligners will progressively move your teeth from where they are to where we want them to end up.  ClearCorrect will then send our practice a photo of the projected results of treatment.  Once you and Dr. Cadalso agree that the projections meet expectations, your aligners will be manufactured using the latest in digital mapping/molding technology, and treatment will begin.